Investment in people is the best Investment


About us

Great ideas need great investment.

We work with businesses that want to transform great and positive impactful ideas, into reality.


We work with Investors who want their money to work hard for them, whilst also improving the lifestyle of others and the well-being of our planet.

We want to deliver groundbreaking science and make it a life-changing solution for all.


We want to transform innovative and exceptional technology into impactful applications, that will help either local communities or the entire planet.

We listen to our clients, our investors, our planet and this allows us to help understand the complex financial and environmental ecosystem that we all share.

We are all connected, share the same soil and have a combined responsibility to improve not just the lives of those we love, but the lives we don't even know.

We want to make a difference and if you share the same philosophy, we want to hear from you.

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Invest in Your Future

  • Rooted in Research

  • Driven by Sustainable Investments

  • Confirmed by Returns

Environmental, Social and Governance 

We are committed to ensuring our businesses are framed with an robust ESG culture. 

We help build and launch businesses that will lead the way in a better more sustainable tomorrow.


Our Values

Our Values are founded on Integrity, Honesty and Hard work. We combine these integral values with delivering not just great projects, but also great investments.


These core values are embedded in all aspects of our process and it defines our strategy.


This allows us to offer a very distinct, personal and specialized service for our projects and investors.

We listen to our investors. We have and will continue to build robust relationships, so that we truly understand the needs and objectives of our investors, thus ensuring we deliver relevant, transformative and most importantly successful projects.

Elliot Lloyd Capital is committed to investing in sustainable projects to help build a better tomorrow

Our Culture

Our culture is based on mutual respect. Respect for our work colleagues, our clients and off course our esteemed investors, as without them, we could never realise our collective goals.

But we never lose sight of what we respect above all, our humanity and the planet that we collectively share.


To achieve our collective goals, we apply ourselves diligently and are not afraid to work hard.

We are tireless in the pursuit of excellence and this is reflected in our analytical approach to both our projects and the investment opportunity that they deliver.

Confidentiality and trust are at the core of our business.  We believe in performance through collaboration.