Smart Tracking device

What is Brella?

Brella is a Patented IOT Multi-Sensor Smart tracking device.


It will be disruptive and have a massive impact on the container shipping sector.

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In 2020, global container throughput reached approximately 775 Million twenty-foot equivalent units


In 2019, the global trade value of goods exported throughout the world amounted to approximately $19 trillion


However, 25% of cargo is late, lost, damaged or stolen


Lost or stolen cargo is estimated to cost the industry $50 Billion annually

Around 24% of container throughput are empty containers


Only 5% of containers having tracking devices on them, and it is predicted to grow to 21%

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The Human Impact

Brella is a Smart tracking device, that will have a substantial impact on many human and environmental issues such as:

  • Human trafficking

  • Pollution

  • Fire

  • Health & Safety

  • Food wastage

  • Ship Wreckage

Brella's Sustainable Development Goals


What makes Brella different?

The Brella device has over 20 sensors, providing more information than any other device on the market. These sensors are placed inside and outside of the container allowing the collation of data points on the cargo itself as well as the surrounding area.



Tracking Device

The only device that carries over 20 sensors, providing far more information on the containers and its cargo than any other device in the world.

Monitoring &

Analysing Events


Tracking the location and the condition of the cargo in real-time, with real-time alerts of shipment departure and arrival as well as cargo issues or potential cargo issues.

Big Data/

Machine Learning


Using innovative algorithms to create efficient modelling and prediction modelling, to provide industry and operation insights towards better business decision making.


The Opportunity

Never has there been more focus on Global shipment due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and more currently the blockage in the Suez Canal. Therefore this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a disruptive technology, that this industry is crying out for.

This Pre IPO investment opportunity is a new patented smart asset tracking solution providing the most data points on the market. Only 5% of containers have tracking devices, with growth projections of up to 21%, this is the perfect time to ride the wave of innovation in the shipping industry.


trackIT are seeking a $2 million equity investment, which will secure 33.3% of trackIT.


This equity offering represents amazing value when you compare it to some of the valuations i.e. 5 year Intrinsic value @ $202 million.

trackIT intends to publicly list in either late 2021 on the AQSE or standard listing, making this a very opportunistic investment.

5 Year Financials*



Intrinsic Value (5 year)




Frequently asked questions

Who owns Brella?

Brella is owned by UK company TrackIT.

Is Brella patented?


Does Brella intend to have more patents?

TrackIT is developing a further 2 patents presently & will lodge this soon, that will enable new products & services that are not available today in the world.

Also, the algorithms that identify events, save power & manage the Alerts Engine will also be registered as patents in due course.

How many sensors does Brella have?

25 sensors built into the device, designed to be dependable, long lasting and secure in a rugged environment without breaching seal integrity.

What are Brella’s USPs?

The use of big data, non-destructive and scalable systems give Brella a unique advantage over it's competitors. Other competitive advantages are:

  • Affordability with monthly and pay upfront options
  • The largest data collection device
  • Expandable and reuseable
  • No cost of installation due to its simple installation
  • Autonomous operation
  • Reconfigurable per cargo type

How is Brella different from the competition?

Brella uses advanced devices carrying more sensors and data than any other device on the market.

How much does the Brella device cost?

Brella is available on a subscription basis, from as little as $10 a month.

How many active shipping containers are there in the world?

There are 22 million containers worldwide.

Is it easy to install Brella?

Yes, the device is portable and easy to install, no training required, with a standard looking cable to seal the lock.

Can Brella be easily stolen?

Built to be dependable, long lasting & secure in a rugged environment without breaching seal integrity. Provided with an e-Seal cable to ensure enhanced security.

How long is Brella’s battery life?

Battery lifetime lasts up to 5 years or 100K transmissions.

When do TrackIT plan to Publicly list?

TrackIT intend to publicly list in late 2021 on the AQSE or standard listing.

How can Brella detect Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is one of the worst crimes against humanity. It is an age-old custom and unfortunately still exists to this day.

One of the worst forms of trafficking, is through shipping containers, with the most recent case taking the lives of 39 people. Brella has multiple ways of stopping this.

  • Built-in Infra-Red (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) sensors, that detect movement inside the container.
  • A patented weighing platform floor, that can sense any movement in the container.

How can Brella track Pollution?

Brella can track environmental pollution throughout the entire journey of the container, from the factory to the customer.

This data is a crucial insight for shipping companies to help them analyse environmental emissions, such as NOx, SOx and other emissions of ozone-depleting substances.

With an ever-shifting climate and new shipping regulations implemented, Brella's data plays a key for a sustainable shipping industry and a sustainable planet.

How can Brella detect if food is rotting?

Brella's gas detection sensors can alert the operator if there are emissions from within the container, which would allow for a proactive intervention and reduce the possibility of food wastage.

What SDG do Brella adhere to?

  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

  • GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • GOAL 13: Climate Action

  • GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

  • GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

How can Brella detect container damage?

Serious impacts on containers can cause imbalanced or dislodged loads putting personal in harm's way once opened. Brella's unique triple shock sensor, in conjunction with its fall & tilt sensor, can detect any serious impact or tilt.

How many Brella devices are projected to install?

trackIT conservatively project to install about 1 million devices over its 5 year projections, accounting for less than 5% penetration.

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